We are 
an all-women team of entrepreneurs 

We love to travel, and know that the cheaper the airfare the longer the layover, but who wants to be stuck at an airport for long hours? We decided to make the most of our layover time, and with this in mind, the LayoverStop community was formed.

LayoverStop started on a 7 hour layover in Istanbul

During those seven long hours, we researched all the fun things we could do outside the airport, places and adventures we were missing out on. And during that time, we thought why not? LayoverStop was born right then and there... and we brought it back home.

So, here we are. A growing team of friends with a shared goal to meet people from all over the world, get them out of LAX and show them what L.A. has to offer, while on a layover.
Our passion to host travelers turned to a purpose: to solve the dreadful layover problem.  We started from Los Angeles, a city bursting with things to do and places to see. We created a number of tours packed with L. A.'s must-see landmarks tailored towards the transit traveler, but also fun for anyone to enjoy. 

It worked!

Over the past two years we've hosted hundreds of travelers from the UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, India, New Zealand, Kuwait, Egypt, and even domestic travelers from Texas and New York! Now we are poised to take our promise to more cities; to make layovers fun, safe, and enriching experiences immersed in local cultures.

All tours on LayoverStop are private and personalized, for a group up to 4 guests, we never charge per person, we offer a flat rate per car ride (as long as your host can fit you in one car, you all ride for a flat low rate) . So go ahead, book that ticket with the longer connection, you'll be happy you did. 

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