We all know it. The longer the layover the cheaper the ticket. Why not make the most out of it?

This is how LayoverStop was born! On a 7 hours layover in Istanbul! We wanted to get outside Istnbul International airport but uncertainty and fear of losing our flight made it a difficult decision. However, We did get out. Only to discover that Istanbul is a city that wakes up late (around 11:00 AM).  All shops and restaurant on Istiqlal street were closed (the main tourist attraction in Istanbul ). It took around an hour to get from the airport to the city center. Plus, visa and custom were a bit complicated (but that was at the old airport). We ended up having to walk quite a bit to find an open restaurant. Which was great but could have been so much better if we went across the sea to the 'other side of Istanbul'.

On the flight back to Los Angeles we wrote a one page website offering layover tours from LAX. Within a month, we received 3 bookings, then 10, then 20... 3 months later, LayoverStop became a licensed travel agent with an office by LAX and a registered trademark ..


Here we are today. We've hosted hundreds of travelers from the UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, India, New Zealand, Kuwait, Egypt, and even domestic travelers from Texas and New York! A growing team of locals passionate about getting guests outside the airport, the hotel, or even a docking cruise and connect over authentic experiences.

Our tours and experiences are private and personalized, for group and solo travelers. We never charge per person. We offer a flat rate per group of 4 (as long as your host can fit you in one car, you all ride for a flat low rate) . So go ahead, book that ticket with the longer connection, you'll be happy you did.