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London private sightseeing tour
Open 24/7

There is simply not enough time in the world to experience London in short hours but with your local tour host you will be able to customize an absolutely MUST SEE 'picture perfect' moments of the city. We will meet you outside the arrival terminal or hotel, in short minutes you'll experience how we Londoners commute through the 'tube' or underground and you'll read the famous 'mind the gap' on our journey, of course we'll take that famous instagram picture at the underground circular sign. We'll start our journey through the greatest city in the world. English people are witty and fun so expect to spend great time with your host who knows every inch of the city as well as the best places to eat authentic English food like 'fish & chips'. Stroll through iconic landmarks such as Piccadilly Circus, Big Ben, London Eye & London Bridge, Hyde Park, River Thames, Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden if the day is right, and probably do some last minute shopping at Oxford Street. Not to miss out on a stop at one of the city's English Pubs for a drink if you're in the mood.

Minimum hours required: 5
Included: Water & snacks
Excluded: Cost of food , Entry tickets
Know before you go:
<ul> <li>The best way to see London is by the underground, your firendly verified host will be with you throughout the trip</li> <li>It is highly recommended to wear comfortable shoes</li> <li>Your host can offer an umbrella&nbsp;during rainy seasons</li> <li>&nbsp;This cost icludes a group from 1-4&nbsp;guests</li> <li>There is luggage storage at the airport</li> <li>Give yourself around 90 minutes after arrival to start the tour</li> <li>We can start the tour from anywhere and end it anywhere in London</li> </ul> <p><em>This tour is offered in English</em></p>
Extra services
  • Professional Photography at iconic locations + USD $50.00
  • Pre-purchased underground day pass (per person) + USD $30.00
  • Car for a group of 4 (VIP) + USD $200.00
Heathrow International Airport London, United Kingdom 12345
About the host

We're the international hosting team at LayoverStop. A group of verified, hand-selected hosts with extensive experience in our local cities. We are 90% women :) and we are genuinely in love with our cities and very passionate about making the most out of your time with us. Although we are busy building this community. We still love to host . So don't hesitate to book a tour with us.

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